thornapple trees in bloom About our farm...

bench under trees Thornapple Farms took root here in 1995. This land, however, has supported American farmers for more than 200 years. Several acres are suitable only for pasturage and woodland, as they occupy a glacial terminal morain. Rocks of all shapes and sizes, many imbedded with fossils, make tilling such acres nearly impossible. Previous generations of farmers here used these hardy acres for wandering dairy cows and sheep.

But along side these rocky acres lie rich ground, ancient lake bed, that has grown an abundance of every kind of fruit, grain and vegetable in its time. pasture fence Today it provides rotating crops of soybean, corn and winter wheat. The hedgerows still abound with wild grapes and blackberries.

path to pondeWe are dedicated to preserving the wooded acres, which we are enhancing for natural enjoyment with walking trails and a horse cart path. A myriad of bird species abound and so birdhouses of various types and sizes are strategically placed among the hawthorne trees. cart path thru trees
In 2001 we began our breeding program with the acquisition of our foundation Morgan mares, Aquila’s Total Devotion and Aquila’s Immortal Vision, who are in foal for Spring 2003. Our equine family is growing by leaps and bounds!

new barn To keep up with growth our new barn got underway in September 2002. [VIEW A GALLERY OF BARN PHOTOS AND SOME OF THE HORSES -> HERE]

With the completion of our new barn in November, 2002, Thornapple Farms welcomes Lippitt Morgans KWR Sir-Myst Legacy from Wildrose Morgans in Kentucky, and CC Stardust, CC Me-and-My-Shadow, and Kustom Dondei Echo from Currier Compound in Vermont.

Silky (Maumturk Heather) Another very special addition is “Silky”, who has arrived all the way from Connemara, Galway, Ireland. Silky, whose registered name is Maumturk Heather, is a beautiful Connemara pony broodmare who brings ancient and pure Connemara bloodlines to our sport horse breeding program. Our horses will be bred and trained for competition and pleasure in the sport disciplines of dressage, cross country, endurance, and driving.
climbing roses on trellis climbing roses on trellis
We look forward to announcing new foals and acquisitions in the future.
Please take a moment and view some of our promotional ads which have appeared in various publications. Note - Some of these are 'print' files versus web files so they are fairly large :
  • The Morgan Horse magazine,
    Winter 2006 ad featuring Kustom Dondei Echo
    (approx 50k jpg)
  • Winter 2006 ad featuring Bloomer (approx 160k jpg)
  • Lippitt Club Directory for 2003 (in color)
  • Lippitt Club Directory for 2003 (in B&W)
  • Lippitt Morgan Breeders' Association Directory for 2003 (approx 270k)