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3 Stallion Inn, VT
The 3 Stallion Inn, Vermont, formerly the Green Mt. Stock Farm

The Lippitt Morgan is a strain of Morgan horse which has no 20th century outcrosses to other breeds. This careful attention to breeding has resulted in a family line which carries the highest percentage of the original Morgan blood available today.

True to its heritage, the Lippitt possesses an ability to thrive on simple living conditions, and can perform strenuous work while requiring a minimum of care or feed. The early Morgan handily accomplished whatever was asked of him: land clearing, saddle horse, family driving horse, and to run the occasional gentleman's race down a country road. The Lippitt Morgan embodies this versatility with a quickness to learn, and is truly born in the likeness of his early ancestors.

The ideal Lippitt Morgan ranges in height from 14.1 to 15.1 hands. His head is short with great width between the eyes. He has a well-crested neck of medium length which comes out of the top of a long, well-laid-back shoulder and blends smoothly through the withers into a well-sprung, deep body. His back is short and smoothly joined to the hindquarters with a long, wide croup slightly sloping, balancing the front quarters. He has long forearms, thighs, and gaskins, and short cannons, with medium length pasterns corresponding to shoulder angle. He is a compact horse with substance of bone combined with refinement. He is spirited yet controllable. His abundance of energy influences his powerful, rapid elastic gaits.

His remarkable versatility and fine disposition make the Lippitt Morgan an ideal sport horse, family horse, trail horse, show horse, carriage horse, or working western horse -- in other words, the Lippitt Morgan is everything you want a horse to be and more !
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Who is a Behind a Lippitt Morgan ?

The Lippitt Foundation Stock

All Lippitts trace back on every line of their pedigree to the horses listed below.
Called "The Lippitt Foundation Stock" by the group of Morgan preservationists who, in the early 1970's, laboriosly studied pedigrees to ensure a solid "foundation" of purity for their work, these horses are the sole bloodsource of the family of Morgan horses which have come to be known as Lippitts or Lippitt Morgans. Their name was chosen in honor of Robert Lippitt Knight, one of the last individual breeders who placed a high value on the purity of the Morgan blood and who, along with his trusted farm manager and employees, devoted many years (his final herd dispersal was in 1962) to gathering and producing the purest Morgan stock possible.

Three criteria were established for an individual to meet the Foundation Stock standard:
1 - The individual must be a registered Morgan.
2 - The individual must have as close a cross to the designated 'cornerstone' Peters' Ethan Allen 2nd 406 as possible.
3 - The individual must have produced at least one direct line of descent evidenced in lines present 'Lippitt' gene pool.
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  • Croydon Prince 5325 (1890) <-photo
  • Rob Roy 4483 (1893) <-photo
  • Donald 5224 (1904) <-photo
  • Bob B. 5282 (1905) <-photo
  • Welcome 5702 (1907) <-photo
  • Sir Ethan Allen 6537 (1909) <-photo
  • Sealect 7266 (1923) <-photo
       Sealect - another photo  <-photo
  • Bilirubin 7462 (1925)
  • Bonnie Jean 0343 (1895)
  • Polly Rogers 02109 (1896)
  • Lucille 01547 (1902)
  • Rose of Sutton 02232 (1904)
  • Bridget 02852 (1904)
  • Emily 03026 (1909)
  • Evelyn 06841 (1909)
  • Hippolyta 03222 (1910)
  • Nancy 03553 (1911)
  • Trilby 02532 (1911)
  • Susie 03786 (1915)
  • Lippitt Trixie X04695 (1916) <-photo
  • Croydon Mary 02900 (1917) <-photo
  • Jenny Woodbury 03258 (1917)
  • Lippitt Sallie 04565 (1918) <-photo
  • Lucinne 04542 (1918)
  • Hannah 03196 (1919)
Some Lippitts from History

The Lippitt family of Morgans has played a significant role in the foundation of many well known present-day breeding programs. Their names and the memories of their contributions are often forgotten so we would like to present some of them here for our viewers.

Moro Hill's Adonis was the sire of Stillwater Indigo who is often known as "The Black Stallion" and was the primary sire for the Ryegate (Lippitt) Morgans bred by Lester Welch.
Adonis sired 42 Registered Morgans.

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  • Lippitt Ethan Ash 7621 (1928) <-photo
    • Lippitt Ethan Ash at age 30<-photo
  • Lippitt Sam Twilight 8085 (1937) <-photo
  • Allen's Major 8830 (1943) <-photo
    • Allen's Major  <-photo
  • Lippitt Georgia 06415 (1944) <-photo
  • Dyberry Buddy 10219 (1949) <-photo
  • Lippitt Nancy Moro 08636 (1952) <-photo
  • Moro Hill's Morine 09329 (1954) <-photo
  • Lippitt Dream Girl 09415 (1955) <-photo
  • Dyberry Robin 11432 (1955) <-photo
  • Lippitt Ethan Georgia 010643 (1959) <-photo
  • Moro Hill's Michele 011260 (1959) <-photo
  • Moro Hill's Adonis 12435 (1959) <-photo
    • Adonis Saddle Seat <-photo
  • Sealect Twilight 13636 (1961) <-photo
  • Sam Twilight 13637 (1961) <-photo  <-photo 2
  • Stillwater Indigo 18459 (1967) <-photo
  • Meredith Knight 23742 (1972) <-photo
  • Covenant Karah Moro 072317 (1977) <-photo
  • Chebacco Nutmeg 076963 (1980) <-photo

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Ancients Behind the LIPPITTS
  • Billy Roberts 4550 (1889) <-photo

Contemporary Lippitts

Though not 'rare', Lippitt Morgans are not plentiful today, and most live out their lives in relative anonymity in quiet back yard pastures and paddocks. Some have fan clubs in local show circuits, and a handful belong to people who are able to take promotion to a higher level, competing in national shows and performing in breed expos at state fairs.

Madrona Rubicon has taken the Lippitt line to top honors in harness many times with owner Jon May at the reins and Sue May as groom. Aswyn-Morgan Farm in Texas has succeeded in making "Mickey" a multi-champion at the Morgan Grand Nationals where he is always a crowd pleaser and is a tireless competetor.

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  • Horton's Vermont 90737 (1983) <-photo
  • Spring House Baron 106267 (1985) <-photo
  • Covenant Colby Moro 118570 (1989) <-photo
  • Madrona Rubicon 125543 (1992) <-photo
  • Ryegate Black Bart 126231 (1992)
    • <-photo 1 <-photo 2
  • Mayking Eldorado 151484 (2000) <-photo
  • KWR Sir-Myst Legacy 157357 (2002) <-photo
  • Reim Sweet William (by Mayking Eldorado) (2004) <-photo

"Thank you's" go to Lisa Algarin, Margo Ciano, Jon May, Leah Fraser, Sherri Albrecht, Alex Seay, Katrina Crie, Elizabeth Curler and others for the photos presented on this page

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